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Go! Go! Power Rangers!

Posted by Bindy - May 16th, 2018

It's been a while Newgrounds, but I've got some exiting nerdy news! There is a toy with MY voice on store shelves world-wide! A Power Rangers Toy! 

If you pick up the new Bandai Legacy Zeonizer, you'll hear me as Zeo Ranger Pink! I have a few projects in the air, but this is the first to hit store shelves. I happened to nab the last one in stock at my local Toys R Us. Being able to walk into a store and physically pick up a toy with your own voice is a pretty stellar feeling. Even more so because mini-me lived the Power Ranger life after school every day and was one of the little monsters playing in the TRU isles growing up! Nostalgia right in the feels! 

It's pretty nice too, if pricey! If you want to pick one up for cosplay or monster battles you won't be dissappointed.

MMPRtoys has a great review so you can see it in action! It plays the FULL Zeo theme song and has motion activate battle noises!


As always, you can get more frequent updates from my social media.

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Website: www.bendyvoices.com

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If you'd like to book me for any of your projects, please use my website contact form. Unfortunately, DMs might get overlooked!


Comments (4)

Ahhhh that’s so awesome!!!!! Seriously must feel incredible to be hear yourself in cool product like that, and even moreso a property you grew up with. Really delighted to hear about this and even more jazzed to see what other cool things you’ve got under wraps in the future, congratulations dude!!

Thanks! I was stoked to get the opportunity. Here’s to more cool stuff in the future!

Woah, being the voice of a Power Ranger toy is pretty damn amazing... You gotta stock up on a bunch and put them somewhere safe so you can show them to future generations some day like "Yeah that's me!"

I have two of them! One to play with, one ti keep. I’d hoard but they’re pricey!!!

Talk about the big time

I aspire to be one of those people you hear everywhere but have no idea who they are.

bindy that's seriously awesome! congrats! i'm sure you'll have more and more cool gigs moving your way in the future.

Thanks a bunch! Fingers crossed on more nerd gigs!