NATA Open Round Voice Work!

2015-06-21 19:46:42 by Bindy

It's NATA season again! As always, I provide voice work to any participant that asks! This year's Open Round theme was "10 Amazing Facts." I recorded for 7 entries, 5 of which made the Open Round deadline! 

* Perrobang's "An Absolute Fact"
* SirbrickRock's "10 Amazing Actual facts"
* TheSilleGuy's "Telling the Truth"
* jlorp's "On 32"
* Dylan's "loves me, loves me not"

The open round entries from @Dylan, @Perrobang, and @jlorps all made featured! Props guys!

My favorite from this round is Dylan's "loves me, loves me not": 

You can view all of the entries and follow the animation tournament here:


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