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This was super cute, but it was hard to enjoy with the audio issues. I would have liked there to have been a bit more detail to the bush cutting...

It sounds like the gain for Link accidentally was turned up too much, causing clipping and distortion. I know that Kaitsu has a pretty decent mic, so maybe it's an encoding issue? My audio seems to play nice with flash. If Kaitsu's and the pony's were was converted from another file type, I would be more than happy to re-export with the settings I used. <3

I love how the beginning looks like aged pages from a book, while the rest has a lovely fairy-like color scheme. The flower tinderals wrapping around the tree branches really made them seem like animate creatures. I can't wait to see what you do for the next round.

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The pacing and cues in this are excellent. I wish more people paid as much attention as you did here.
Animation-wise, I really liked the camera angles and how Keiichi's movement contrasted with Dea. His more staccato movements and various facial expressions and blinking, really highlighted the oddness of Dea's unblinking eyes and smooth, isolated movements.
I also really liked the depth that the head turns had.

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Poorly Thought Out.

Although the concept of a dress-up game supportive of different body types is a nice one, this game is a poor execution. First, advertising this game with the words "Fat Girl" with a model that is slightly over average in body type is a bit demeaning. Secondly, the clothing and accessories seem to have been poorly thought out. This is a fashion game, thus at least a little attention should have been given to using body type appropriate clothing and a proportional head and hair styles. Most of the clothing is unflattering and makes her look bloobish, as if it was modeled for a different silhouette, then expanded to fit over a different shape. Clothing on a body, be it shaped like a Carrot, apple, or hourglass, can accentuate or exaggerate the wrong features, depending on the cut of the clothing. Instead of potato sack-esq clothing, things to flatter her figure and add definition to her features would have been a better choice

In short, if you're going to make a game for a specific body type, do your research.

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Viare looks super cute! Love it ~<3 The female characters on Newgrounds hardly ever get any love.

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This is awesome!

dylan responds:

you're awesome

It looks super cute! Maybe alternate cute and serious things for sanity?

Voice Actress for hire! I'll voice anything from young boys and cute girls to seductive temptresses and monsters. I will not voice for adult content projects. Range: Medium - Suuuper High

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