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Fat Girl Go Fashion Fat Girl Go Fashion

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Poorly Thought Out.

Although the concept of a dress-up game supportive of different body types is a nice one, this game is a poor execution. First, advertising this game with the words "Fat Girl" with a model that is slightly over average in body type is a bit demeaning. Secondly, the clothing and accessories seem to have been poorly thought out. This is a fashion game, thus at least a little attention should have been given to using body type appropriate clothing and a proportional head and hair styles. Most of the clothing is unflattering and makes her look bloobish, as if it was modeled for a different silhouette, then expanded to fit over a different shape. Clothing on a body, be it shaped like a Carrot, apple, or hourglass, can accentuate or exaggerate the wrong features, depending on the cut of the clothing. Instead of potato sack-esq clothing, things to flatter her figure and add definition to her features would have been a better choice

In short, if you're going to make a game for a specific body type, do your research.

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